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Capturing The World From Above

From aerial photography and videography to industrial inspections and environmental monitoring, we offer innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs. With a team of skilled pilots and cutting-edge equipment, we’re ready to elevate your projects to new heights.

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CJK Drones

Aerial Photography & Videography

Aerial photography and videography have revolutionised the way we view and document our world. With advancements in technology and the availability of drones, capturing stunning images and captivating videos from the sky has become more accessible than ever before. This dynamic field offers a fresh perspective, revealing the beauty and intricacies of our surroundings from new heights.

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CJK Drones

Promotional Work

We offer high quality promotional work for your business, event and so much more such as:

  • Business Promotional videos
  • Promotional Videography and images 
  • FPV (First person view fly through, Property and building tours.) 
  • Website Promo videos and images. 
  • Estate agents property videos and images. 
  • Educational videos and images. 
  • Event coverage 
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Why Use Drones for Media?

Aerial Perspectives

Drone media services offer a unique and captivating perspective by capturing stunning aerial views that were previously inaccessible or required expensive equipment like helicopters. This allows for breathtaking shots and angles that can enhance the overall quality and appeal of visual content.

Safety & Accessibility

Drone media services contribute to improved safety and accessibility in various industries. In scenarios where human access might be hazardous or impractical, such as inspecting tall structures, assessing disaster-stricken areas, or monitoring wildlife in remote locations, drones can be deployed to gather valuable visual data without putting human lives at risk.

Efficiency & Flexibility

Drones offer increased efficiency and flexibility in capturing media content. Their ability to navigate diverse landscapes and quickly adapt to different shooting conditions allows for more dynamic and versatile storytelling.

Drone Services Lancashire

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Dive into our collection of past projects to witness the quality, precision, and innovation that define our work.

Drone Services Lancashire

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Feel free to reach out to our team to discuss your needs, explore our services, or receive expert guidance. We’re here to assist you.


Used these guys 3 times for drone photography for our outdoor persuits businesses. Super professional, lovely people who can't do enough for you. Would fully recommend.

Local GuideWould fully recommend!

Chris and Jess are great to work with. Professional, courteous and excellent at what they do. Would highly recommend.

Dan CloughWould highly recommend!

Can’t speak highly enough of Chris and Jess from CJK Drones. Following a quick briefing on our requirements they soon set to shooting the video we required, fitting in seamlessly with our clients who had agreed to be filmed. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend and will certainly be using again.

Michael Coates

Our surveying practice have used CJK Drones on numerous occasions for areal inspections. CJK are timely, cost effective, and great to deal with.

Gareth Clarke

Excellent first class service and very professional company great to deal with would definitely recommend

Ian Cottam

We have worked closely with CJK drones over the last 8 months. Starting out with Chris and Jessica carrying drone footage of our glamping site, the work and back ground preparation, before during and after was fantastic and they kept us informed all the way during the filming and afterward.

Emma Jackson

They quickly provided the finished footage working with us all the way to get the correct music and vibe to go with the footage. Following on from the drone footage we have just recently worked with CJK drones to produce video reels and photos of our themed pods . The work carried out is outstanding and to a very high standard. We cannot wait to work again with CJK Drones in the very near future.

Emma Jackson

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