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Drone Inspections

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Capturing The World From Above

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge drone technology, we redefine the standards of inspection with unparalleled speed, accuracy, and safety. From towering structures to expansive landscapes, our drone fleet provides a bird’s-eye view, capturing intricate details and delivering comprehensive insights.

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Aerial Inspection & Survey

Aerial inspection and survey techniques have transformed the way industries collect crucial data and assess the condition of assets, infrastructure, and the environment. Leveraging the capabilities of drones, aircraft, and satellite technology, aerial inspection and survey methods have opened up new vistas of efficiency, safety, and precision in a wide range of applications, from agriculture and construction to environmental monitoring and infrastructure maintenance.

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Thermal Inspection & Survey

Thermal inspection and survey, also known as thermography, is a powerful technology that enables the visualisation and analysis of heat patterns and temperature variations in objects, structures, and environments. By harnessing the principles of infrared radiation, thermal inspection and survey unveil hidden issues, identify anomalies, and provide invaluable insights in a wide array of applications, from building maintenance and electrical systems to industrial processes and environmental monitoring.

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Confined Space Inspection

Confined space inspection is a critical practice in industries where workers must enter or work within spaces that have limited access and pose potential risks. These spaces, which can include tanks, silos, tunnels, and more, often present hazards such as poor ventilation, toxic gases, and restricted entry and exit points. Conducting thorough inspections of confined spaces is essential for ensuring the safety of personnel and compliance with regulations.

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Mapping & Surveying

Mapping and surveying are age-old practices that have continually evolved to meet the ever-increasing demand for accurate geospatial data. These fields play a pivotal role in understanding our world, from urban landscapes and natural environments to infrastructure development and disaster management. With the integration of cutting-edge technologies, mapping and surveying have entered a new era of precision and efficiency.

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CJK Drones

Watch Our Work

As we soar to new heights, our cutting-edge drones capture breathtaking views and intricate details, providing unparalleled insights into the world of inspection and surveillance.

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Orthomosaic Images

We offer Orthomosaic images, It is a large, map-quality image with high detail and resolution made by combining many smaller images called Orthophotos. These are completed by drone operation capturing the 250 image post processed through software to stitch together the final image. Perfect for viewing finer details

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Why Use Drones for Inspections?


Rapid deployment of drones means inspections can be conducted promptly, minimising disruptions to regular operations. This time-efficiency is especially crucial in industries where timely assessments can impact decision-making processes, such as emergency response, disaster management, or time-sensitive maintenance tasks.

Detailed and Accurate

Drones equipped with advanced imaging and sensor technologies can capture highly detailed and accurate data during inspections. From high-resolution imagery to thermal imaging and 3D mapping, drones provide a comprehensive view of structures and assets. This heightened safety factor is particularly advantageous in industries such as construction, energy, and infrastructure maintenance.

Enhanced Safety

Drone inspections offer a safer alternative to traditional methods, especially in high-risk or hard-to-reach environments. By eliminating the need for human workers to physically access hazardous locations, such as tall structures, rooftops, or confined spaces, drones mitigate the risk of accidents and injuries.

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Dive into our collection of past projects to witness the quality, precision, and innovation that define our work.

Drone Services Lancashire

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Used these guys 3 times for drone photography for our outdoor persuits businesses. Super professional, lovely people who can't do enough for you. Would fully recommend.

Local GuideWould fully recommend!

Chris and Jess are great to work with. Professional, courteous and excellent at what they do. Would highly recommend.

Dan CloughWould highly recommend!

Can’t speak highly enough of Chris and Jess from CJK Drones. Following a quick briefing on our requirements they soon set to shooting the video we required, fitting in seamlessly with our clients who had agreed to be filmed. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend and will certainly be using again.

Michael Coates

Our surveying practice have used CJK Drones on numerous occasions for areal inspections. CJK are timely, cost effective, and great to deal with.

Gareth Clarke

Excellent first class service and very professional company great to deal with would definitely recommend

Ian Cottam

We have worked closely with CJK drones over the last 8 months. Starting out with Chris and Jessica carrying drone footage of our glamping site, the work and back ground preparation, before during and after was fantastic and they kept us informed all the way during the filming and afterward.

Emma Jackson

They quickly provided the finished footage working with us all the way to get the correct music and vibe to go with the footage. Following on from the drone footage we have just recently worked with CJK drones to produce video reels and photos of our themed pods . The work carried out is outstanding and to a very high standard. We cannot wait to work again with CJK Drones in the very near future.

Emma Jackson

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