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Bird Deflector Application

Bird Deflector Rapture Clamp Application

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In November 2021 we teamed up with a university drone design team with a concept for using drone technology for the application of bird deflectors to power lines.

With Geo tagging our design will also take an image of each deflector application, Final tests were completed in August 2023. We are now happy and proud to launch our product.

CJK Drones

Leading the way

We have been working with drones in the Energy industry for over 6 years and are now leading the way with innovation using drones for this sector. Offering our new service of bird deflector application.

Please get in touch to discuss any Bird deflector rapture clamp applications estimates.


Benefits of using Drone Application

Huge Cost Saving

Reduces carbon footprint

MWEP’s not required

Less personal required

No disrupt to land owner

Safer than working at height

Hard to reach locations can be accessed more easily by drone

Covers more line application in faster time using drones

Using Geo tagging our drone will photograph each bird deflector applied