About CJK Drones Ltd

I'm Chris, owner and chief pilot of CJK Drones.  My background is in the construction industry since 1999 as a site engineer and more recently over the last decade site management.  I have operated drones since 2016 as a hobby before realising the potential to bring the innovative technology into my construction activities.  In 2018 I commenced the process to obtain my pfco through a National Qualified Entity and set up CJK Drones ltd.  We now operate under a CAA permission and can operate drones commercially during the day or night and our insurance is fully compliant with EU regulation (EC) No 485/2004.   In 2020 I obtained a Thermography Cat 1 certificate allowing thermal inspection from the ground or air, which can be utilised across many sectors.  I am happy to talk about our technology and the drone/construction industry all day every day, so please feel free to get in touch to discuss any projects in the piepline or live.

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