I'm Chris, owner and pilot at CJK Drones.  I have 20 years experience in the construction industry since 1999 in roles as site engineer, clerk of works and site management. 


Around 2016 I started operating drones as a hobby and realised the potential to introduce the innovative technology into my construction activities.  My aim is to assist in reducing health and safety across the construction industry by using drones to get to places which are of a higher risk to humans life.

In 2018 I commenced training to obtained my Pfco from the CAA.  This allows CJK Drones to operate drones commercially during the day and night.  Our insurance is fully compliant with EU Regulation EC no 485/2004, which is currently set at £5m, but can be adjusted to suit the clients requirements.

In 2020 I completed training for CAT 1 Thermography certification which allows the collection and evaluation of thermal data by drone or ground based camera.  This technology can be utilised across many industries.

I'm happy to talk about our technology and how we can assist your projects, so please feel free to get in touch.